Chatbots: the new star in customer experience

Until very recently, AI (artificial Intelligence) sounded like something from a science fiction movie. However, technology has developed to an unimagined extent and Artificial Intelligence is now a reality that is improving company efficiency through the use of the very latest tools.

The most recent developments in artificial intelligence have brought to life chatbots, which are becoming the stars of customer treatment and service. The aim of this program is to recreate a conversation to such an extent that it’s as if there was another person at the other end answering.

Instead of spelling the end of interaction between people, they are an essential tool that helps create personalised customer care.

Retail is one of the sectors that has invested most significantly in this technology. These programs can simulate conversations, so they can be used to a greater extent by companies with an online presence.

A number of big companies, such as Amazon, Google and Facebook, already have this technology to help customers find the products that they are looking for, resolve any queries and incidents and even complete the whole buying/paying process).

What do chatbots offer?

Chatbots offer endless possibilities. They are designed primarily to support customers when deciding to buy a product. They can also provide users with all types of information and help resolve technical problems.

Their effectiveness is creating customer loyalty. They respond to their needs quickly and their conversation fosters greater trust. They are also supported by the omnichannel approach, in other words, they can be used on different devices. This is a huge advantage in a world where we are increasingly dependent on mobile phones.

Success stories

It was at a conference in 2016 that Mark Zuckerberg introduced “Jarvis”, the Facebook chatbot, who was inspired by Iron Man’s and which made a lot of other companies decide to follow suit.

So how does Jarvis work? This chatbot establishes a new way of helping customers: it provides a channel through which it gives customers all kinds of support, it attracts potential customers and it creates a conversation. Consequently, it is a fully configurable service that can be acquired by all types of companies.

In Colombia, chatbots are setting the trend within the digital industry. One example is Carla, the chatbot of Colombian airline Avianca, which checks in luggage in under two minutes, confirms routes and flight status and locates baggage, all by mobile phone.

The benefit of these chatbots is that they can be implemented anywhere: a static website, CRM (customer relations manager) or a database. However, not only can a conversation with the customer be established, but messages can also be programmed.

Bots have made a huge impact, which is why so many companies, such as Microsoft, Disney and The Wall Street Journal are already using them.

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