Xennials: the cusp generation of the digital transformation

One week, one day or one hour can mean a lot today thanks to the internet and the use of smartphones and social media. However, a while ago what happened on a Monday might not have been known for another two weeks.

The people who lived through this situation are grouped in Generation X and the Baby Boomers, since they’re part of the famous Baby Boom and their descendants. The descendants of Generation X, the Millennials, grew up using the internet and live life joined to their smartphone.

Much has been said of the Millennials, but little is known of the Xennials. They’re young people, born between 1977 and 1983, who also knew the Walkman, the modem and memorising telephone numbers. In other words, they knew life without the internet or apps, but they love and use new technologies. Xennials have experienced the digital transformation of recent decades.

Between the Millennials and the start of Generation X

The first reference to this name, which is simply the sum of the ending of Millennials and Generation X, was made by Sarah Stankorb in 2014 on the GOOD website. Since then, many speak and have spoken of this “generation”, regarded as the “cusp”, as it links Generation X with the Millennials of the last decade.

Despite being a generation that has known an internet-free world, this does not mean they haven’t adapted to digitalisation and followed the latest trends.

According to the vente-priveé website, Xennials spend 197 euros a month on online shopping. These users make an average of 3 purchases a month, with the morning being the main time they shop. The group uses smartphone apps to shop, but they also shop on websites.

Xennials: a generation with a clear idea

According to the BBVA website, when managing their accounts and finances, Xennials use banking apps as well as social media and independent websites. Having known the “Disconnected World” means that Xennials consult other opinions and critiques. When they come up against situations where a service or product is not able to provide them with a solution, they give it up straight away and look for another option that adapts to their requirements.

Xennials have inherited some of the habits and customs of Generation X. For example, their shopping times, which are nearly the same, from 9 am to 1 pm, even when shopping online. The difference is that they make most of these purchases on their smartphone.

With regard to the type of purchase they usually make, Xennials focus on products for the home, clothes and other items that they use every day, whereas previous generations, be it the famous Generation X or the Baby Boomers, focus on culinary purchases, tourism and products such as wine.

Business strategies aimed at Xennials

Taking this into account, we can apply certain business strategies aimed at this group of people. One of them is launching offers or milestones between 9 am and 1 pm, as this is the most popular time among this type of user. The after-sales department will have to border on excellence if we want to attract Xennials. Treatment during a purchase is as highly prized as it is after. Neither should the online channel be the only channel of communication, as we have to offer other contact alternatives, such as telephone, postal address, etc.

Without a doubt, one way that businesses adapt to the Xennial generation is by adapting to this generation’s tastes and preferences, trying to see things their way and recreate the gadgets and trends that they lived through. We can opt to sell or give away retro gadgets, such as clothes, consoles or other similar products.

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