The New Era of connection

Realidad Virtual

Recent conversations about the metaverse have become contradictory, from those sceptical about its proper application to those who predict significant changes with its inclusion. But debt aside… Is it possible to use the metaverse and develop it in companies?

In E-voluciona by Intelcia, we are committed to investigating different ways of application:

From within: thanks to the work model we have in Intelcia with hybrid teleworking, we have been able to experiment how to use the metaverse as an ally in our operations and processes. We are working on a “twin” office with different meeting rooms and relaxation areas to foster collaboration between teams and maintain that connection from other physical spaces. We are also working on using the metaverse in the onboarding sessions of our candidates and future employees. We see in this model a more significant impact on engagement. We move from “getting to know” to “experiencing”.
The customer is also an essential avenue for us to explore. We have pilot projects involving them, where we hold work meetings with collaborative tools to encourage collaboration and teamwork with a more immersive and closer experience. In this case, the objective is to amplify the customer experience.

From E-voluciona by Intelcia, we see the short and medium-term metaverse as an evolution of the web and therefore a channel with a more than likely impact on the shopping experience and customer service. Customers want to engage with the company from multiple channels, so omnichannel is essential. Today we see that the metaverse is in its infancy. Still, as these unknowns are resolved, we will see more clearly the potential use of the metaverse to generate shopping and customer experience.

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