How can customer experience be improved through personalisation?

Hiperpersonalización en la experiencia de cliente

It is a challenge that companies currently have to know how to improve the customer experience through user knowledge and personalisation.

In E-voluciona By Intelcia, we improve this experience with different solutions, including the Smart Analytics service, where data is received directly and, through a series of analytical, descriptive and predictive procedures, examines, analyses, compresses and reduces the information to obtain a helpful result so that each customer can always make the best decision based on their needs. A service that can be customised to each company’s requirements to monitor the follow-up indicators of objectives offers detailed information and allows companies to continue or modify their strategies and action plans based on conclusive results.
If personalisation implies a good knowledge of the customer, the customer’s profile, relationship, and bond with the brand. At this point, all innovations related to this knowledge (predictive models, CRM, speech analytics) improves the customer experience.
Another of our star services is Speech Analytics, which allows us to go even deeper into the relationship between customers and end consumers by providing more precise information about the common causes of contact: repetitive complaints, doubts and incidents. But, above all, thanks to automation, employees can focus on tasks that provide added value, thus presenting themselves as the best ally in their work performance. It is a clear example of how technology positions itself in favour of humans to create high-value employees who opt for enriching tasks.

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