The future’s here: augmented reality on mobiles

Augmented Reality (AR) is a very recent technology that is about to revolutionise the user experience. It consists of mixing reality with the latest computer advances, which will mean a clear process of digitalisation that will improve our visual routine.

We are living at a time when customers have become protagonists nourished with permanent information. In this context, the development of augmented reality for mobile devices has become one of the most important points. We cannot deny the overwhelming figures of internet consumption by users on their smartphones.

According to a recent IDC study, revenue around the augmented reality industry will grow by 131% in 2017. It is logical to understand, therefore, that current trends in technological innovations are heading in this direction.

Augmented reality apps on mobile devices

For years, we have witnessed the birth of different augmented reality apps for Android and iOS devices, and we see mobile phones as the perfect ecosystems for keeping these new elements alive.

Thanks to their technical features (camera, internet data, screen, etc.), we can access a huge amount of complementary information in augmented reality that was unthinkable until now. In fact, the simple act of giving up the desktop computer to go outside and explore opens up a huge range of opportunities.

For example, visiting our favourite places will no longer be the same as always. Nowadays we can imagine enjoying the view from a beautiful belvedere while receiving superimposed information on our mobile of each of the points we’re looking at. Or, for example, we can see a museum live and know all the exact details about the pictures, paintings and sculptures that we’re seeing on artists’ biographies, image galleries, etc.

Augmented reality on mobiles, the real revolution

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that augmented reality works with the sole aim of improving customers’ quality of life, with a view to attracting new consumers. Therefore, we should expect to see an incipient evolution of this tool towards the business-customer relationship or, the same thing, mapping out new routes in terms of customer care. More and more users experience a direct relationship with your company over the internet and mobile devices. However, there still isn’t a live support that can meet these needs.

In conclusion, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg, and everything is still an unknown for the future. However, there are indications that lead us to believe that a real revolution for our smartphones is just around the corner. And although the possibilities are endless, the goal will always be the same: improve customer experience.

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