Choosing a good CRM, the first step towards digital transformation

The digital transformation of a business is one of the most useful measures there are to improve its performance. The most widely-used current trends in digitalisation include the use of a CRM to improve the relationship between the business and its potential customer base.

CRM, or Customer Relationship Manager, not only creates customer loyalty but also offers them a different image of the company.

Each sale is filed in the software and provides direct information about each customer. These data are essential for success, in other words, these are just some of the benefits that companies enjoy when they integrate the CRM in the contact centre:

  1. Real-time update of customer details and effective customer management.
  2. We can access the service activity reports in real time whenever we need them, thanks to the dashboard. This is translated into control and management online.
  3. It allows us to access service management records, so we can compare results to ensure that they are always accurate.
  4. We have standard response databases for customers.
  5. We have two types of modules:

The customer module: which provides direct access to the tool and all its functions from the customer’s facilities.

The dashboard module: This module can be used to manage and make changes to coding, responses, task types, task status, etc., whether you want to make changes or at the customer’s request.

  1. Agility, speed and efficiency: Access time to customer information will be reduced and tasks can be streamlined, making the company quicker and more efficient. This is now essential as we handle thousands of customer details.

A program of these characteristics also analyses the work of each vendor and provides a graph showing customers divided into sections. The CRM can also obtain more detailed and personal information about each customer.

An example of this is to obtain data such as email addresses or their social media profile, which means that we can be one step ahead of the customer, anticipate their specific needs, tastes and personal characteristics to create more personalised care and interact with them as efficiently and positively as possible.

So how does the CRM work?

Any company can use this type of program to store data in an orderly way.

A big company needs this software as it enables it to know how each department works, how sales are going and, most importantly, how all parts of the business are working.

It is important to have a clear idea of the following concepts when choosing the most suitable program for a company’s digital transformation:

  • It is important to outline clearly what you want to achieve with this type of program and what exactly you are looking for after it has been incorporated into the company’s IT system.
  • Integration and compatibility. The program must be compatible with those currently in use so that all the information can be made available immediately. The real challenge lies in technological integration to ensure that omni-channel management is consistent and a reality.
  • Easy to use. Sales agents will be the main users of these programs. The easier things are, the more effective they are.
  • Opinion and involvement of employees. They must be aware at all times that the program is designed to analyse and to achieve greater profit.

In short, the CRM is responsible for controlling call traffic made to customers, allowing audio recordings (authorised by the customer), the distribution and efficient integration of the telephone network and real-time supervised and monitored operating reports will be created, etc.

Case study

Amazon has gone from being a virtual bookshop to a store selling all kinds of products.

Its CRM is based on a fundamental principle: every customer can buy what they are looking for and everything like it. Added to this is that vendors in the store must offer better quality and excellent customer care. They have gradually saved costs and continue to lead their sector.

Statistically speaking, the use of this type of program is on the increase. In Spain, they are used by 33.24% of companies with a maximum of 49 employees, 50.19% of companies with a maximum of 249 employees and 62.15% of companies with over 250 employees. The same is true in Latin America, where the use of this type of program is on the rise.

If you want to digitalise your business, you should always start by improving the relationship with your customers. The best CRM is the one that adapts to the needs of each business and helps generate more profit with minimal invasion.

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