Trends in Customer experience innovation

Innovación en la experiencia del cliente

Innovation is the engine that drives us to keep adapting to every change that digital transformation brings. In the case of E-voluciona by Intelcia, whose objective is to transform the customer experience, innovation is the axis. We always work with the belief that technology alone does not make a difference, but how we put it at the service of the needs of both the customer and the employee.

Technology is something that today any company or individual can acquire more or less quickly, but our customer focus and orientation are what make the difference. We make this possible thanks to the mix of the technological and human worlds since all the development of cutting-edge technology would only be viable and likely to be created or implemented with the team behind it.

In 2023, technology and the new tools it offers are the protagonists. From E-voluciona by Intelcia we have set ourselves an ambitious goal. We want to become the industry benchmark in transforming the customer relationship where Intelcia has solid positioning.

To achieve this goal, 2023 will be a continuity year, so we will continue to work on offering the best customer service hand in hand with technological innovation. The value we bring as a company is based on driving the engine of digital transformation. This makes customers more competitive and efficient in their internal processes and external operations, improving their market value and working together to evolve the business fabric.

This year, we also want to develop a laboratory of trends applied to the world of customer experience, bringing brands closer to consumers, generating greater engagement and improving their positioning.

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