The innovations that will be with us in 2023

Las innovaciones que nos acompañarán en el 2023

During a meeting with Digital Leaders, Antonio Díaz, CEO of E-voluciona has reflected on which technological innovations will take hold in the coming year.

2023 looks set to be a year full of technological advances where the most innovative tools are taking centre stage.

Technologies such as natural language are in full development, and companies are focusing their efforts on working with artificial intelligence aimed at understanding language and solving problems.

Other technologies that are gaining relevance are those related to data management and information understanding. The use of all low-code solutions is increasing as companies are looking to move towards those technologies that are easily configurable and that allow profiles to be recycled within the organisation.

2023 will see the demand for digital profiles. The response of organisations will be to retrain profiles. They will direct employees to automation who used to do manual jobs, something that is now essential in the management of any company. For Antonio Díaz, it is important to know how to recycle profiles that years ago worked in more manual aspects so that they can now help to configure the technology that is being used to serve customers today.

We cannot forget one of the innovations that has generated the most content: the metaverse. For Antonio Díaz, the metaverse can be applied in two ways: from a corporate point of view to support the coverage of certain processes such as on boarding or training, among others. And from a business point of view, in the design of certain solutions to consider it as another customer service channel.

Despite its potential, until there is interoperability between all environments, as well as more accessible hardware, it will not fully emerge. We will have to wait.

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