Botsourcing, a leap forwards in quality of life

Through botsourcing, or the application of robotisation to economics, new approaches towards growth are opening up in all sectors regarding both improved quality of life for consumers and increased productivity in terms of employment. Over the coming years, the application of artificial intelligence to the economy and the development of technology will lead to advances in research and solutions to make peoples’ lives easier.

Robots that already help us

Robots are already a reality in our everyday lives, carrying out chores from the simplest domestic tasks to technically more complicated applications.

One example of this is Cognicor, Spanish artificial intelligence that has revolutionised Asian banking. Developed by the Spanish Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, it is already used by the leading banks and insurance companies in Asia, such as TATA Capital, HDFC Bank, India’s largest bank, Federal Bank and OCBC, Singapore’s second most important bank. The system is able to understand the needs of its customers, analyse the most appropriate policies and generate the most interesting and suitable loan proposals for each scenario.

In medicine, the new Da Vinci robot created in Chile, is becoming quite a revolution, as it allows quicker, safer surgery to be performed in the field of oncology.

In Chile, people are making good use of the benefits of ARTAS, the hair transplant robot used at Medical Hair Chile, a well-known clinic that works in the field of hair recovery. The system, which was developed in California’s Silicon Valley, achieves a natural look, is a painless procedure and leaves no trace of stitches unlike traditional transplant systems.

Besides this, in Colombia, robotisation is helping build a new political and social context, thanks to the SENA robot, an anti-personnel mine detector. Not only will this aluminium and carbon fibre drone, fitted with a type of electric nose that can detect the materials used to manufacture anti-personnel mines, be used in Colombia, but many other countries have already established contacts to transfer the model and be able to use it.

The huge benefits of robotisation

The great advances in artificial intelligence and its application to all sectors is considerably increasing its uses and performance. Its most significant current development is in BPO and Contact Centres, as they were where it started, achieving a more efficient process in volume of information. Its application in CRM software has led to more fluid handling of relationships between companies and their customers, in information management and managing the needs of each consumer and in the speedy solution of complaints.

In banking and insurance, robots have enabled the automation of a large number of processes that would not otherwise have been possible, due to the new models that the sector has for interacting with its clients. Not only do these new models refer to interaction with clients through ATMs and e-banking, but also to new technologies, such as tablets and Smartphones, which have multiplied the volume of e-transactions and therefore the volume of data that need managing. This means that a large number of operations are being resolved very quickly and securely thanks to robotisation.

Robotisation, or botsourcing, makes it possible to grow at a greater pace and reach every market and sector. This new trend brings with it a wide range of new business opportunities, and the companies that know how to make the most of them will enjoy greater productivity and efficiency, evidence of which is the study conducted by the IDC España consultancy , which says that artificial intelligence and robotics are part of the trends that will set the tone for the growth of companies in Spain during the remainder of 2017 and over the next three years.

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