Customer satisfaction is the principle performance key goal at any contact centre, as good customer experience management drives immediate profitability and long-term success.

We work with a broad portfolio of customer experience components, and we help our clients during the design, implementation and evolution of their customer relationship models.

Our solutions are conceived to improve operational efficiency and customer experience, acting upon the main levers that mobilise it.

First call resolution

Efficiency and productivity in order to ensure the Service Level Agreements (SLA) at the lowest cost.

Traceability and monitoring of KPIs.

Service quality assurance.

Challenges faced by an efficient and responsive Contact Centre

A contact centre agent normally uses multiple systems and applications. He or she has to promptly navigate, while managing interaction with the customers. Jumping between disparate channels shifts focus away from the customer, lowers agent productivity, and potentially endangers data accuracy.

By aggregating customer information from multiple sources into a single view, our innovative Contact Centre solution will improve agent effectiveness and customer engagement.

Satisfied customers mean improved first call resolution.


Design and implementation of advanced customer relationship models.

Design and implementation of multichannel models.

Customer voice auditing.

Root-cause analysis.

Virtual assistants: chat bots.

FO activity assisted by Robot Process Automation (RPA).

Automation of BO processes with RPA.

360º customer view for integrating in an automated solution all links, systems and applications in a single interface. Building a unified knowledge base that delivers relevant data in real-time and automatically sets up and kicks off processes for an efficient post-call wrap-up.

Workforce management solutions.

Digital system for quality monitoring.

Multichannel automatic auditing, based on speech to text and data analysis.

Control tower for KPIs monitoring and control.

Sales conversion.

Process funnel with traceability of interactions.

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