Reduce turnaround time and increase efficiency with E-voluciona complaints management process

Complaints processing is at the heart of any business. It is here where companies meet their commitments to their customers, set service standards, promote credibility, and fulfill their obligations.

Complaints management process is deeply reliant on process
speed and accuracy in meeting customer demands.

It involves multiple functional layers such as administration, management or customer service, and it is usually hampered by intensive information manual tasks and problematic document formats.

Gráfico Claims Management

Challenges in achieving an efficient and customer-centered Claims Management Process


Essentially, the client wants an effective resolution. Therefore, it is fundamental to successfully diagnose the problems and provide a toolkit specially designed to boost resolution as fast as possible.


Workflow tracking is critical to achieve effective complaints management. Shortening resolution times and attacking bottlenecks are critical in order to comply with business KPIs and customer expectations.


It is not always possible to get it right the first time. Effective and proactive communication is key to improve customer experience and avoid unnecessary reopening.


Paper, electronic documents, images, emails…and sometimes even apps handling different stages of the process are different and non integrated. The result is a distinct lack of fidelity and accountability.


‘Traditional’ complaints processing depends heavily on manual labor. This makes the process increasingly inconsistent and prone to error. Companies often have to depend on unreliable and non-specialist workers, which means increased costs, and longer turnaround times.


Paper, electronic documents, images, emails, and sometimes even apps handling different stages of the process are different and not integrated. The result is a distinct lack of fidelity and accountability.


Changes in regulation can greatly impact complaints processing. In fact, sometimes the whole process might have to be overhauled. This can become a major drawback when operating in different states and/or countries, where each one has its own regulatory framework.


Complaints Capture

Intelligent complaints dispatching

Compliance qualification and diagnosis toolkit

Multi-level root-cause categorization

Claim resolution by type

Any type of professional or institutional complaint is supported

Live monitoring of complaints management, service operation and system performance, using BI analytics

Integration of all complaints relevant data source, system and format

Error tracking and resolution

Success story

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